The library session can often be quite noisy for young babies and you may get just 10 minutes of advice during busy sling hire meets, which allows time to try on one or maybe two slings.

We love to visit clients and offer one to one Consultations, specifically tailored to your personal needs in your home.  These include: 

Trouble Shooting Consultations (up to 30 minutes) for £25 which may include tweaking and fixing issues with your sling.


Mini Consultations (up to 60 minutes) for £45 or, more in depth, 

Full or Newborn Consultations (up to 90 minutes) for £60.

We also do a Pregnancy Package for £98 which includes two 90 minute consultations in your home (one before baby arrives and one after) and free sling hire of any sling or carrier for four weeks!

The above includes travel up to 8 miles or if you’re any further away, diesel will be charged at the basic 0.45 pence per mile.


Troubleshooting Consultation

Up to 30 minutes in your home to fix any issues you may have with your sling. It may include righting any pain or discomfort you are experiencing.





Mini Consultation (up to 60 minutes including travel to your home)

We come to your home for a specifically tailored one to one appointment with all our slings and baby carriers for you to choose the right one, whilst showing you how to safely carry your infant.






Elite Luxury or Newborn Consultation

A tailored home Consultation up to 90 minutes to allow you time to feed your infant and let us show you how to safely carry in a wide range of carriers or back carrying for older infants. Included travel up to 8 miles.






Pregnancy Package

Opulent two full Elite Luxury Consultations in your home, one before baby arrives and one after,


We require a fully refundable deposit of £20 for stretchy slings or £40 for most others but more for certain ones.


Hire fees are £5 per week with a minimum of two weeks hire and you can continue to hire for as long as you want unless someone has reserved it! 

Also, Doorstep fittings at KT headquarters  are £10 for 10 minutes if you know which sling you want.


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