Boobie Adventure

To mark the end of International Breastfeeding Week, here is the only picture I could find of my epic boobie journey with my two boobie junkies 😍😂🌺.

I breastfed Albert until he was nearly three and had to literally prise him away as it was getting too much for me, during the day,in the end!! I can honestly say it was the single hardest skill I’ve ever tried to master and therefore totally understand if you decided against it or found it just too heartbreakingly hard. Months and months of crying on both our parts with Albert especially and, with my eldest, who’s now 6, we started right from the word go by topping up with formula as I just couldn’t ever seem to make enough. I know this seems crazy now. And then she breastfed until nearly 2 when I fell pregnant again and it felt weird. I didn’t know then that you could just carry on breastfeeding or that the WHO advocates feeding until 2 and beyond…

I didn’t know then that there were such things as doulas or IBCLCs to help you but, I was able to occasionally get along to the Babycafe in Diss when it used to run.

I always remember Ruth showing me how to co-sleep and breastfeed but I just wasn’t able to do this at the time as my partner wasn’t in agreement on co-sleeping and the midwives told me it was an unsafe practice. I thought it all sounded so radical. So much has changed in the past four or five years 😂 for the better.

I remember thinking oh how easy it would be the second time around as I’d finally managed to crack it the first time after being introduced (albeit it cloak and dagger tactics) to nipple shields as my nipples were too flat for baby!

Nobody ever bloody well tells you how hard it’s going to be! My mum appeared to effortlessly do it with us three forty or so years ago so, you just assume that it’s all going to be the most natural thing in the world to be able to do! Honestly no one told me it would be so dammed hard.

Night after night, day after day, hour upon hour he would just cry!!! Only one boobie would he accept as well, meaning a rugby carry for the other one had to be mastered 😜. I only recalled this today after speaking to another mum at a sling workshop.

And then you wonder why so many of us have PND!

And then, when they finally got it, everyone told you it was time to give up! Yep, your baby was a year old so maybe it was time to stop? I felt pressured from all areas, family and loved ones. The ‘oh you’re still feeding are you?’ comments and the, ‘he doesn’t need it now he’s one,’ advice.

Anyway, the end of my boobing adventure but I will always have an ear if you or anybody else should need to vent about your journey! Through it all though, I loved that closeness 🥰🥰🥰

We have two breastfeeding peer supporters in our group if you need help 💜 #internationalbreastfeedingweek

Cup Filling Self Care

41BFCD60-1B21-4E29-83AA-6BBB62FD6F56So here I am, taking time away from my babies, to practice what I preached in my last guest blog post!

My real relaxation time is when I am in the spa, lying in the sauna, eyes closed in self hypnosis, dreaming of faraway places and forgotten past times spent on the beaches of Brazil, with wild and carefree travelling amigos!   Prior to children 👶and big mortgages…

I have come away for a couple of nights on the advice of my husband to have some ‘me’ time, my ‘holiday’ for the year if you like.  It’s really important to treat ourselves and to look after ourselves, when we’re working so dam hard to bring up children and also running businesses or whatever it is you do to retain a bit of the old ‘you’ and follow your dreams.

This morning at breakfast I met a lovely mummy who was doing exactly the same, taking a couple of nights away from her three, one of which is home schooled, the youngest still being breastfed and ‘attached’ all night…

I felt for her in the same way that I feel for many parents I meet every day at our child carrying workshops.  We do everything we can just to survive in this world.  I asked her if she did anything nice for herself on a daily basis and she just laughed or, rather, crumbled…

Since getting proper self care from the Back Clinic In Diss, I have been able to return to my Yoga sessions, one of my loves, with the wonderful Maria and can actually get up from lying down, without help!  I know!  Amazing 😉.  Something that’s not happened in over six years!  Nic Aldous at The Back Care Clinic believes that by the time we are 14, our posture and other events have given rise to bad backs.    This may be as a result of low self esteem, height and stooping, flat chestedness as a teen etc etc.   When we find yoga or running later in life, the damage has already been done so it’s really important to look after your backs as early as possible to right those early wrongs in our spine.   Inspiring hey 👋

Maria posts about taking an hour a day for ourselves, whether it be spent taking a bath, having a stroll, going for a swim, reading, each day.  Yes, not every month or every six months when you’re at breaking point, but each day!

Now I know what you’re thinking, how do I have time for that?  But honestly, my old CBT counsellor told me to do this for my ongoing well being.  We are allowed to take time out each day for self care.  Give yourself that, allow yourself to have this time each day to let the body’s sympathetic nervous system recover fully, our fight or flight internal system to recover from overload of adrenaline, particularly if you suffer badly from anxiety or depression but all of us should be practising this to keep healthy and to top up our cups each day!

How can each of you take time each day for yourselves?  Start doing it today.

And find a comfortable well fitting baby carrier to help with your back pain and stress! 😍