Imposter Syndrome


People talk about having imposter syndrome in their businesses but sometimes, I feel I have this in my personal home life.

I adore being a mother of two healthy happy children, a wife to a kind man, living in a wonderful village and town in Norfolk with beautiful friends.  

However, I am not just a wife, mother, nurse maid, cleaner, cook, organiser of childrenโ€™s activities, diplomat etc.  I used to be just me.  Not someone who has to justify everything I do.

I used to be an adventurous, thrill seeking, lone traveller, social butterfly who had a great job in Financial PR, who went on the most amazing holidays and world travels, volunteered with aids orphans in Africa and Elephants in Sri Lanka.  I went around Cuba on my own, at times wondering what the hell I had done!  I travelled through the Amazon, swimming with Pink Dolphins and Caiman, eating roasted Piranha for supper after catching them, whilst they tried to bite my shins in a boat.  I camped out in a cow shed in -2 degrees in the Pantanal, for fun!


Recently my partner asked me to text him to let him know I was ok.  I thought, well, you know, Iโ€™ve walked through the streets of Havana alone at 3am so I think I should be safe in Norfolk. 

We are expected to take on a role in life when children come along, but I find myself battling to be me, just once in a while.  Every now and again.  Donโ€™t hold me down or try to control.  Let me out of here… 

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