International Babywearing Week 2018

October is when we wonder at leaves turning yellow and red,

Picking the rose hips for syrup and putting ladybirds to bed.


But it’s also a time for International Babywearing Week,

When Consultants and Educators come out to speak,

Of what Babywearing has done for them and their loved ones,

And so I shall add my thoughts without hopeful comeuppance!

Babywearing helped me to walk my daughter in the snow,


It got me out to the park to socialise, recover and grow,

Babywearing also helped our bonding after a difficult birth time,

Then was absolutely crucial when my son refused to be put down!


Babywearing helped with postpartum depression,

Helping my son to communicate with me when I didn’t necessarily want some.

It helped to settle and sooth him, to continue with 4th trimester ‘clinging’,

And also with reflux and colick when nothing else was working!

Babywearing helped my son’s head in fixing the flatness

From only lying on one side and one side breastfeeding madness.

It helped my husband Neil bond with our fractious new boy,


It has been great for visiting vast castles and walking through sand dunes,

For Halloween treks with other nosey babies and joining in with tunes.



Babywearing has brought me a business, a reason to help others,

Its helped bring gorgeous new friends and a wider community,

Full of love and of kindness and of wanting to raise awareness and unity.

Babywearing plays an important role in attachment in my family and in a society

Where we must try and turnaround the levels of depression, self harm and anxiety.

But hopefully it has introduced those who may be reading

To try for yourself the evolutionary normal behaviour that is babywearing.

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