Coming out the other side of PND

I’m writing from a plane on the way to our first child free short break in the sun since Genevieve came along six years ago.

We’re on our anniversary trip, a secret treat that I’ve managed to keep from my husband Neil.  

To be frank, we post so many lovely posts of sunshine and beach days, crabbing and den building with the children.  Water fights and holiday bliss but, we really need this break!  The past year has been completely and utterly rubbish for us as a couple.  And it’s so important that we spend some quality time together, although my hubby may disagree.

Life with children is so very hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to the moon and back many times over.  But summer holidays after the year we’ve had, are absolutely shattering!  There is just no let up.  I do not know how single parents do it!  Work and childcare?  

Why is it hard?  Well, I came out of a pretty serious depressive stage in about April, sorry, was coming out.  Then we suddenly decided to have major building work, which has taken over four months of living out of our garden room. And this after a number of relatives were seriously ill too and the impact that had on my husband as well a looming redundancy. 

I am feeling like a totally different person to the one that blogged in October/November of 2017 and I have lots of people to thank for that.  Not least of all Neil, who put up with a lot.

Depression has lifted and we have got through an extremely difficult time, but we have to be honest with ourselves.  Be thankful for every moment we have with our loved ones, children and close friends.  

Life is really not all a bed of roses but with help and good support, it gets better.  Talk to people around you when you are suffering.  People do want to help.  Talk to doctors and community connectors.  Talk to anyone who will listen and be kind to yourself.  Give yourself a break every day.  Go out for a walk.  Treat yourself to a spa.  Write down your daily achievements, no matter how small.  Just getting out of bed some days may be hard.  You are doing a bloody great job!  5AE2F555-43BE-400C-AF7E-0E4E19EF37C9.jpeg

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