For a gorgeously luxurious home consultation Voucher, go to our Purchase page and treat a loved one who may be pregnant and in need of a special treat πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


Try a sling on at one of our Sling Workshops. Β We have lots of drop-in or book a time slot libraries at local baby groups all over Norfolk and Suffolk.

Bring your own for trouble-shooting or hire one.Β  Expecting a baby, need to carry your tearful newborn, need hands free for your toddler or carrying a pre-schooler on holiday!

We have a fabulous offer on at the moment so don’t miss out πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ.



We cater for all and just ask for a Β£6 donation for your ten minute consultation.

So come and see what all the babywearing fuss is about:

* crying is reduced by up to 51 % at night

* hands free to get jobs done

* save your back

* alleviate reflux and colicΒ 

* protect their future mental health!

* Promotes greater attachment and Β  Β bonding for the whole family

* looks great

* Aids Breastfeeding

* May alleviate PND

* Great exercise

* Come and find your perfect carrier.

You can also buy preloved slings or new slings, just go to ourΒ Purchase page Newborn stretchy sling hire is FREE!

If you wish to book a one-to-one home Consultation for longer specifically tailored assistance, then please send us an email or you can book one here Purchase.Β 

β€’ Pop-up Sling Workshops

β€’ 1-to-1 Consultations specifically tailored to your specific needs in the comfort of your home

β€’ Free sling hire for Newborns (for first four weeks)

β€’ Β£5 per week sling hire – a personal service

β€’ Join our Exclusive Life Membership Scheme and get a massive 25% off hire fees, 20% off Consultations, no deposit and priority hires

β€’ Follow up email with hands on advice whenever you need it

β€’ Discount codes on major websites

β€’ Travel to your home

β€’ Reminder email for when sling is due back

β€’ On-line tutorials and blogs

β€’ Free 20 minute online or telephone consultations

β€’ Swap if you’re not happy at any time

β€’ Out of hours hires just Β£3 admin fee

β€’ Experienced Babywearing Consultants Β  and Peer Supporters.


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Email Kangaroo Together

We are a Not-for-Profit community organisation that depends largely upon funding and donations so if you would like to help us support local families by donating, please click on the link below and we thank you for every penny that you are able to give.


Charitable Donations

For making a donation to not-for-profit community organisation Kangaroo Together to enable us to continue to help more families and care givers to safely carry their children.



β€œWas lovely to meet you yesterday at the Corn Hall, and for being so helpful with trying on the slings. Β I’m sure I’ll definitely benefit from this although I’m a complete novis! Β Going to give it a go for 4 weeks I’m determined to make it work for me to be stress free and hands free too!”

β€œNot only did we have a happy sleeping baby, I was able to keep on top of all the house work, look after our eldest, and go out for walks with Clay in his wheelchair and with Corey happy and safe! We even had a good old dance at Roydon soundwaves!! Wish we’d have found you sooner”

β€œI ❀️LOVE❀️ the stretchy sling that I hired from you (and so does baby H). It settles him straightaway when he’s fussy & he just goes off to sleep in it It’s perfect for dog walking too! Β I never would have even tried it without your guidance – so thank you! Β It was well worth attending the workshop. Wish you’d been around when I had my other two! Thank you!” 

“I had such a lovely experience with Victoria Trevor today I would highly recommend her and her wealth of knowledge…”

β€œVicky is a fantastic consultant. So helpful and kind….Thanks to her I have now got a lovely Lenny Lamb buckle which I use almost every day with my little girl. Β Highly reccomended”

β€œPicked this gorgeous connecta yesterday on our first ever sling library visit to Diss, today took Dillon into work and on the school run and he absolutely loved it as did Mama!Β  Great service and advice from Victoria Trevor xxx”